We are passionate about creating solutions that add value to the companies and their people.

In every step of the process, challenges might arise that impact upon the development of the business. In MIB we believe that for every challenge there is a solution, and that’s how we work:, adapting to the requirements and needs of each client. We are passionate about creating solutions that add value to the companies and their people.

Organizational Development

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    Change management

We facilitate the building of an agile organizational culture, focusing on  business optimization, client satisfaction and the well-being of the work teams.

We advise and accompany the planning of the company to orient it towards strategy: building the necessary vision and certainty to ensure an impeccable execution, from design to implementation and implantation.

  • Diagnosis
  • Identification of the company’s competitive edge
  • Identification of the business’ vital processes
  • Definition of roles, functions and responsibility
  • Management indicators
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    Business development

We accompany the process of business definition,  considering the company ‘s history and its foundational basis, in order to design a structure that facilitates business development.

Always attentive to the opportunities in the market and contributing to consolidate each company’s inner strengths in order to sustain growth.

  • Business process design
  • Design and implementation of commercial structure
  • Management reports and management indicators

Leadership and Effective Communication.

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    Training in leadership

We train your senior executives, managers and middle management in the development of their leadership, strengthening the communication and conversation models, to carry out effective management in terms of results and interpersonal relationships.

We advise and train in a conversational model that facilitates for the company and the leader the effective  implementation of strategic decisions, focusing on key instances of work team management,  such as the process of delegating and decision making.

We believe that  excellence in results has very much to do with the way in which we communicate.

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    Executive advising

We are experienced in accompanying and advising owners, CEOs, and directories of companies in the strategic deployment of their leadership, accompanying them in building profitable businesses in the long term -regardless of their industry or sector- and integrating professional and personal life.

Executive advising is oriented towards the resolution of particular situations in which external accompaniment proves valuable for incorporating innovative ideas or simply for providing a different point of view to facilitate development.

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    Work teams management

We contribute to facilitate the optimization of teamwork, based on the methodology of agile and effective meetings. We work on the creation of a conversational and communicational network that can optimice results and facilitate the achievement of goals. In this way, the definitions of higher management can become a reality, optimizing efforts and costs.

We identify the strengths of teams, orienting their talents towards clear objectives.


Human Capital Management

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    Personnel selection

We accompany you to survey the needs and definition of senior management profiles, in order to hire the person that best adapts to the position and the company.

  • Comprehensive selection process
  • Psychotechnical evaluation
  • Interview by competencies
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    Positions’ description and profile

We survey and reorganize the descriptives of positions, to guarantee  and leverage productivity in key processes of the company.

  • Survey of positions
  • Description and objectives of each position
  • Roles, functions and responsibilities
  • Competencies for each position
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    Performance evaluation

A partir de um analise prévio criamos planos de capacitação para reduzir distâncias entre o que necessita o posto e o desempenho das pessoas.

Nosso modelo de aplicação integra a avaliação e a consolidação de equipes de trabalho, constituindo-se em uma ferramenta para a avaliação das equipes, o desenvolvimento das  competências e a melhora no clima laboral.

Avaliação  90 – 180 – 270 – 360

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    Evaluation of potential

We contribute to detect the capacities and competencies of your collaborators and we facilitate people to focus on their abilities, enhancing or developing them for current or future positions.

We facilitate team building according to the talent map.

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    Work climate surveys

We accompany the company in detecting the satisfaction level of its collaborators.

We do it by using two tools, depending on its needs and on the stage of the business cycle that it is going through.

  • One on one interviews, diagnostic training
  • Work climate surveys through digital platforms.